Monday, June 19, 2017

Adopt-A-Cat Month

Mark, cvt

There are so many happy and lovable pets that are up for adoption all around the country.  This month, The American Humane Association and ASPCA are celebrating national "Adopt-A-Cat Month". Right now there are hundreds of thousands of adoptable cats waiting for their forever home. Based on a study done by ASPCA in 2011, it was determined that approximately 3.2 million cats are put into shelters annually¹. Just like dogs, cats can provide unconditional love and a lifetime of companionship. While they can be a big commitment and carry many responsibilities with them, they are not as intensively involved in most cases as dogs. Nothing can replace the friendship that can be made with an adopted pet.
Many people may be wondering if a cat is a good fit for their lifestyle. Whether you're a “cat” person or not, having a feline friend can be a very rewarding experience. Here are some things you may want to think about before adopting a pet, provided by the American Humane Association²:
Cats might be a good fit for you if you don’t mind...
       Having your ankles rubbed with affection when you get home.
       Spending some of your free time playing with your furry friend.
       Picking up some of your kitties messes every now and then.
       Getting your lap warmed whenever you sit down.
       Using some of your hard earned money to keep them happy and healthy.
       Being entertained randomly with their silly antics!
       Giving your best effort to provide a loving home which will be much appreciated!

 A year ago a friend of mine had a small litter of two kittens born on his farm. The mother took care of her babies well but we knew these kittens needed to find a home. While we could have brought them to a shelter we fell in love with this brother and sister duo and brought them home with us. Their personalities and habits have become a part of my home life and I couldn't imagine what it would be like without their love and companionship!

If you are looking to adopt I urge you to consider elderly pets. There are so many animals looking for a loving home where they can enjoy their remaining years. Kittens and puppies are adopted more easily for obvious reasons but you may find that rescuing an older pet or pets with illnesses may be even more rewarding in the end. 
So, if you are reading this and on-the-fence if cats would be good for you or not, go to the shelter and meet some furry friends they have there, you might fall in love with one!

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